Escape from Tarkov: The Definitive Guide to Beginner

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Hardcore shooting games are one of the most valuable games for those who like ultra-realistic shootouts and tactical teamwork, but they can be challenging to master, especially if you are a novice. Like most players who often shoot within sight, Escape from Tarkov is very unfriendly to newcomers. There are no tutorials in the game, which means that when you start a raid with low-level equipment for the first time, the raid will feel like a baptism of fire. Want to enter Battlestate Games' hardcore reality shooter Escape from Tarkov? This is the most authoritative and detailed guide for Escape from Tarkov.



But don't worry, this is our entry point. We have the best skills on the market. So, this is our beginner's guide to Escape from Tarkov.



How about the Escape from Tarkov game?

Escape from Tarkov is a hardcore robbery shooting game with RPG elements. There are two real factions in the online game-BEAR and USEC. You will choose from them when you first start the game and then play against AI and human-controlled players on various maps of war-torn cities against Taco husband. As the name suggests, you must escape from Tarkov, but in reality, all of this means you must survive a raid—an outing into the city map.


When you are in a raid, whether as your chosen faction in PMC or as a Scav raider, guide your inner trash panda and collect as much loot as possible. If you go out, you can choose to store these loot or sell them for profit. If you fail as a PMC, you will bear the cost of self-treatment and replacement of equipment.




Escape from Tarkov: The Beginner's Definitive Guide

If you are afraid of losing all your equipment and Tarkov Money, you will want to live. This is how you can do this while improving your Escape from Tarkov skills.



Run Scav Raid First

When you make a raid as a member of the selected faction, all the content you enter will be online. However, if you choose to enter as a friendly Scav, you have a chance to escape with free equipment. You see, in Escape From Tarkov, Scavs is essentially an AI that will intimidate you when you play PMC, but in this mode, you have the opportunity to run with the Russians.


When you play as a Scav, you will be pushed into an ongoing raid by random equipment at a random time, but other Scavs will not attack you unless you fight them. You still need to pay attention to the players, but you will gain a considerable profit while enhancing your arsenal if you can escape.




Securing Your Equipment

When you can use your equipment as a PMC in a raid, make sure to protect them. If you die, but no one finds it, it will return via Prapor or Therapist the next day or so.


However, it is up to you who you choose to insure. Prapor offers a lower price, but his return is slower, and the Therapist is more expensive but will return your equipment to you within 24 hours.



Always have access to the map

The nature of Escape from Tarkov means you will get lost a lot. If you have a second screen or use a large enough mobile or tablet device, it's best to load a map for reference during the raid. You can find many community maps online in Escape from Tarkov Reddit and Escape from Tarkov wiki, including extracting locations.


However, if you are starting, we recommend that you first learn about customs and factories. You can run these maps in offline mode without Scav to better understand them.



Know where your extract is

Each map in Escape From Tarkov has many different excerpts. Depending on how you conduct the raid, you will be given different options. Some can only be accessed with the help of other people or with a key.


Each map will have a set of excerpts that are always open. However, some, such as smuggling ships at customs, are only open at certain times. Generally, the extracts with the "???" feature in the raid are sensitive to time, cash or items, so if you need to escape quickly, don't count on them.


There are also some extracts, such as the gate of the Woods Factory, you need to find a friendly player Scav to extract. It's worth knowing now that these excerpts are very rare—but if you do find someone willing to accept your offer, the fence will give you some good returns.




Mission accomplished

The quest to escape from Tarkov will help you unlock new items and merchants in the game. If you want to make real progress, these tasks are critical to your raid experience. Each task requires you to do something different, and there are online guides for specific tasks in case you encounter difficulties, but their difficulty is also different.


When you complete the task, you will be rewarded with cash, items, or both, and your reputation among certain merchants will increase, thereby increasing the price across the board. Over time, as your reputation among traders improves, you will unlock better equipment to purchase raids.



Use your secure container

During the PMC raid, every player has access to a secure container, which allows you to keep the items you find even if you die. The size of your secure container will vary based on the version of the game you purchased. The smallest is 2×2, and the largest is 3×3. You can upgrade as you progress, but they are very late game purchases due to their price point.


When you find an expensive item or a key with a mark during a raid, please put it in your safe container to ensure its safety.



Bring only what you need

Don't learn difficult methods. Take only what you need (and can afford to lose) to the raid. Since Takov is surreal, you need to plan your equipment carefully. In the beginning, you don't need to carry a second weapon, but you do need to invest in medical supplies and decent armor.


When you start the game for the first time, you will get PACA armor. Since it is a secondary vest, it will not let you survive, but it is better than nothing to start your raid. Once you get the hang of it, be sure to check the levels of items such as armor, helmets, and ammunition so that when you actually go out and walk around, you are less likely to die in around.


Similarly, you will want to stock up on medical supplies.




Pay attention to your health

This leads us well to the next point. Depending on your financial situation, you can purchase various medical supplies to maintain your health. Although promotions, splints, and painkillers are necessary for newbies, especially when repairing heavy bleeding, we recommend that you buy a CMS or Survivor Kit as soon as possible. If the limbs turn black during battle, the latter two products will allow you to reconnect the limbs.



Pay attention to the map time

When loaded into the raid, double-click the "O" to see the countdown to the raid and your excerpt. This will let you know how long you can wander the streets of Takov before you need to leave there.


If you find a lot of loot and you want to escape early, that's great, but make sure that enough time has passed or you have enough raid experience so that it won't be counted as a crossing.



Take advantage of offline raids

If you want to master Takov's shootout or learn the loot route, the best way is to try an offline raid. You can enter completely alone without any Scav so that you can get familiar with the map, or you can enter with Scav and do some shooting practice.


Any items you find in an offline raid will not be transferred to your stash.



Add drugs to your shortcut bar

In "Escape from Tarkov," your weapon will automatically be assigned a number, but your medical supplies will not. You will soon realize that jumping into your inventory to restore your stomach in battle is not ideal, but there is a way to alleviate this.


When you enter the carnival, drag your medical supplies to your hot bar, remember the assignment of numbness, and you can start. Next time you are shot, you can find a nice little hole to heal without worrying about pressing the label.




If you are friendly, please swing

There is an unwritten rule in "Escape from Tarkov," and that is swing. If you see someone twisting (press Q and E repeatedly), it's another player saying, "I'm friendly." We won't tell you not to shoot—it may be bait after all—but quickly assess the situation and decide what you will do.



Watch out for the boss

The map in "Escape from Tarkov" has bosses that can be spawned at a set location. These guys are guarded by Scavs and are very aggressive and armed to the teeth, so don't accept them unless you are prepared.


If you meet one during the raid and you don't want to participate, just run. Run as fast as possible and don't look back.



Work in your hideout

The hideout may seem like a random addition to Escape from Tarkov, but it's worth a try. Each upgrade will allow you to use new things, such as a workbench, which allows you to modify the gun or increase the rest time so that you can recover from the raid faster.


Each upgrade requires certain things to be done, and it can be very expensive, so make sure you know what you want before upgrading.


One of the best upgrades you can get for the hideout is Bitcoin Farm. This is a mid-to-late game upgrade that will take you back down a bit, but in the end, it will be worth it, we promise. Since the price of Bitcoin is currently rising and, its price is tied to the price in the game. You can easily make money in the game with the right investment.

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