Madden 22: Which are the best players in campus legend

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In Madden 22, campus legend is often a significant function inside the game. Deciding on the most influential players and choosing them into your group can assist you in developing into better. You can also get coins Madden 22 via auction house trade. So, do you realize which players will be the greatest in Campus legends? , In this write-up, we check out which are the best players in campus legend!

Madden 22: Which are the best players in campus legend



Which are the best players in campus legend in Madden 22?


Top 1: Reggie Bush - OVR 91

Reggie Bush

Of all the campus heroes in Madden NFL 22, the most beneficial is Reggie Bush. With a general score of 91 points, it is not difficult to see why he won this title within the game. Furthermore, Bush can also serve as a catcher. His versatility will only additional make him the very best in the game. To know how outstanding this campus hero champion is, please verify his statistics under:

  • SPD - 91
  • ACC - 91
  • AGI - 90
  • Auto - 85
  • CTH - 82
  • COD - 91
  • TRK - 60
  • BTK - 89

With all these statistics, it is fair to say that in Madden 22, there are not several other campus heroes who can method Reggie Bush. He is the top candidate for the group, so never miss the opportunity to obtain him! Now that we know the top campus heroes in Madden 22, let's also look at the other campus heroes we know so far.



Top 2: Derrick Thomas - OVR 98

Derrick Thomas

Derrick Thomas has served as a linebacker for the University of Alabama and the Kansas City Chiefs. His stats indicate that he has the potential to become your team's long-term linebacker in Madden NFL 22. Furthermore, his overall solid score and future potential also imply that you may get a considerable income level in auction now or shortly. Let's have a look at his statistics.

  • SPD - 85
  • ACC - 87
  • STR - 86
  • TAK - 84
  • PRC - 86
  • BSH - 88
  • PMV - 88
  • FMV - 87



Top 3: Matt Leinart - OVR 89

Matt Leinart

Following winning the Heisman Trophy, Matt Leinart consolidated his status as a campus hero in Madden NFL 22. If you'd like to add some depth to your ultimate team roster, his impressive statistics make him a fantastic quarterback. The only disadvantage of working with this player is that also towards the depth of your team. You will get unique added benefits.

  • SPD - 56
  • THP - 88
  • SAC - 88
  • MAC - 87
  • DAC - 85
  • TUP - 86
  • RUN - 84
  • PAC - 87



Top 4: Roy Williams - OVR 89

Roy Williams

Roy Williams can be a former star with the Dallas Cowboys, in addition to a genius legend of your Texas Longhorns. He has exceptional information, in particular in terms of speed. A speed rating of 90 permits him to handle defenses with agility and agility. Moreover, Williams also has some fantastic catches. This is since he is a highly effective receiver. His statistics have earned him a higher evaluation within the auction house. Thus, when you manage to have him into your team, ensure that not to make him cheap.

  • SPD - 90
  • JMP - 88
  • CTH - 86
  • CIT - 86
  • SPC - 83
  • SRR - 85
  • MRR - 88
  • DRR - 87



Top 5: Brian Dawkins - OVR 89

Brian Dawkins might be one of many ideal security guarantees you will get in Madden NFL 22. Adding Dawkins to your group might help you make extra errors inside the game. This makes college heroes an essential addition to your roster.

  • SPD - 88
  • ACC - 89
  • TAK - 80
  • PRC - 87
  • PUR - 85
  • MCV - 75
  • ZCV - 88
  • POW - 89



Top 6: Joey Galloway-OVR 89

Joey Galloway

Joey Galloway is the exceptionally rapid wide receiver in Madden NFL 22. He previously played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Ohio State University. You can hold him inside. The ideal position would be the slot receiver. When he breaks out on offense, he will enter his most effective types.

  • SPD - 91
  • JMP - 88
  • CTH - 85
  • CIT - 83
  • SPC - 84
  • SRR - 82
  • MRR - 85
  • DRR - 87

Galloway is an excellent player simply because he can come to be among the list of fastest players within the game. His general score also has the prospective to enhance. This makes him a player planning for the future.

They are all you'll need to understand regarding the very best campus players in Madden 22. Even though Reggie Bush certainly won the title of the very best player within this unique function in the game, you may also check out the other players pointed out in this article. They're able to prove to become a superb option, even if not the superb standalone player itself.
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