Path Of Exile Is Still An Immersive Role-playing Game

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"Path of Exile" is one of the names mentioned a lot of time and even many fans like that "this is a worthy successor of 'Diablo' not the "Diablo III". As a free MMORPG, the game has high fairness, does not put heavy charge and constantly updates new expansion each year to diversify the experience for players with the most passive skill system, skills as well as hundreds of ways to develop characters.


Path of Exile is still an immersive role-playing game that attracts a large number of players and also belongs to the classics.



Held by Grinding Gear Games, Path of Exile - the online game dubbed the perfect heiress of the infamous Diablo 2 once proved its great appeal when it attracted crowds gamers register to play.


Of course, because of Diablo's copyright of Blizzard, the Path of Exile has a completely different plot revolves around a group of criminals who are filled with the mysterious land of Wraeclast, where they face countless dangerous stalkers, enemies and monsters appear constantly after each step of discovery. And the player will play one of these six characters to find his way to live.


In fact, the Path of Exile can be considered a great choice for those who love the role-playing game, when most features in Diablo II are exploited by the Path of Exile, from character building, to the equipment system, to the emphasis on skill system. All of them are built in the same way as in Diablo II.


The best thing about the Path of Exile is the building of the world wide, with plenty of content for gamers to explore. These are immense maps, not the last, or the dark dungeons full of traps and monsters waiting for you.


The combat mechanism in the Path of Exile is not much different from Diablo II, the character classes are retained and their skill set. In the Path of Exile, players can find similarities, or old patterns of character classes such as the Templar, the Witch, or Ranger ... In particular, each character class in the Path of Exile owns 3 trees separate skill.


Six in-game characters also represent six classes, each with its own character, such as warriors, archers, mages, in the familiar motif of the MMORPG. GGG promises that the system of equipment, furniture and weapons in the Path of Exile will be extremely rich, and they also decide not to sell poe items for trade that increase EXP to ensure the game is fair.

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