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TERA, Free-to-play MMO with true action combat system, colossal bosses and breathtaking visuals. Powered by UNREAL ENGINE 3. In TERA you can gain equipment either from monster drops and quests, but one of the more popular ways to get good gear is by crafting. Professions are often very important in MMORPGs and they are quite helpful in Tera as well. Equipment you can get from quests can be useful, but it’s rarely of high quality, and unless you’re killing rare elites or bosses you won’t get good gear from random drops either.



Crafting provides players with a good alternative to getting good armor and weapons, which is why almost everyone does it. To craft items, you need to be at a crafting shop and have both item recipe and materials required. One important thing to note is that items in TERA come in different qualities: common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue) and legendary (orange). 


As it’s often the case, the top quality gear is typically obtained from high-end raid bosses. However, that doesn’t mean that crafted items aren’t useful: you can craft rare items very early on in the game, and continue improving them numerous times. Improving items, however, can also fail, which reduced their quality, basically making improvements a gamble: every attempt consumes materials, and the higher quality item you try to improve the less chance you will succeed.


Crafting Professions
There are six different crafting professions in TERA: weaponsmithing, focus crafting, armorsmithing, leatherworking, tailoring, and alchemy.

Weaponsmithing professions enable you to craft lances, shields, axes, paired swords and greatswords. For materials, it uses refined ingots gathered with mining.

Focus Crafting
Focus crafting makes ranged weapons such as bows, discs (Sorcerer), scepters (Priest) and staves (Mystic). Materials required (energy crystals) are gained from Essence Gathering.

Armorsmithing builds heavy armor used by Lancer and Berserker classes. Materials are also gained by mining, although you will need to purchase different patterns in order to level up your skills for ingots.

Leather armor is worn by Warriors, Slayers, and Archers. This is the only crafting profession that doesn’t require a gathering one, as materials required (hides and leather) are gained from monster drops.

As you might have guesses cloth armor is worn by Mystic, Priest and  Sorcerer classes. Plant Gathering is a related gathering skill, and it provides fibers.

Another obvious crafting skill is Alchemy, which supplies you with scrolls and potions. It can also make dyes to change the looks of your armor. Alchemy uses ingots (mining) and fibers (plant gathering), but also other materials refined from rare versions of gathered items.


Where To Craft?

You can craft items in every major city. The below image shows locations of crafting shops in Velika:



TERA crafting has its benefits, it is easy to do. If you learn this guide well, it will help you level up. And you can also increase your crafting skill by doing quests. If you are interested in TERA and want to learn more guides and the latest news about TERA, then you can visit U4GM.com. Not only that, you can also buy cheap Tera gold to enrich your gear. Our service will definitely satisfy you!

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