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In Lost Ark, Level 50 is the max in Lost Ark., And suddenly, after a quest or dungeon, the player receives it. What to do next? Throw quests and farm something, swim somewhere, what to do and where to go? Just a little life hack - if you haven't swung yet, then at level 49, think about the build right away. Resetting it on the 49th will be much cheaper than on the 50th. But in any case, you already need to scatter the build for further PVE.

We usually get level 50 somewhere in Ardetain. In general, you can take and complete the globe of this continent, and then it will lead us to the central continent in Northern Bern. Well, or you can take and swim right there, there is not much difference. In Bern, we follow the blue quest to the capital, and already there, we are given access to the Dungeons of Chaos using the same globe.



Dungeons and raids

You can go to the Chaos dungeons three times a day. You can also get additional tickets for premium and donations. And so, the rally can go three times to the first chaos dungeon just with random players. There is nothing complicated at all. But equipment for 280 GS falls there (How to raise GS quickly), the so-called Chaos set. And it will be much better than the rubbish you are wearing at this stage. In normal chaos, golden tickets sometimes drop. With such a ticket, you can go to a special chaos dungeon with very useful loot.

Right there, according to the yellow quests, they will show us where the raids on the Guardians are located. This is something more complicated. You can immediately go through the first guard three times if you play well. There will be drop jewelry and resources for the Guard set.



Royal Orders

Once upon a time, we were shown a table with royal orders on the first continent. Here we can go to cubes to farm silver and even some gold. If a profession (Professions Overview) can already collect level 5 resources, you can farm Platinum Fields. They give three tickets for these activities per day, so farming Lost Ark gold without a limit will not work here.

Around the same time, you can perform Trizion's Song and go to Beatrix to take the quest for the ult, and at the same time do it.



Daily and weekly quests

The key resource for sharpening gear in the game is acrasium. Acrasium can fall from wallets. Whatever set you choose (Set selection and equipment build options), whatever you sharpen, you need an aquarium. Therefore, we open the dailies, choose the convenient ones from the available ones and make three dailies (Assignments of the Efon Union - which ones to do). You can find a reward for regularly completing certain dailies in the third tab of the dailies window. The second tab of this window is weekly quests. They also need to be done 3, but not per day, but week. And here they directly give acrasium.



Other Activities

After all this, we were left with unfinished globes, all sorts of quests, as well as an unpumped profession. Then you can safely do this when you have time. We also do this until we drain all the energy and desire to play by swimming in the sea, lifting loads, collecting barrels, and looking for treasures using treasure maps.

And even that's not all. In the Atlas, you still have uncovered locations by the desired percentage. Banks for skill points, characteristics, and profession points are especially useful. And all this can be done on the cap. Let's look at the priority.


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  • Acrasium - we make dailies, choose profitable and convenient ones. Immediately pay attention to the weekly quests (they are updated on Wednesday morning).
  • Dungeons of Chaos - we quickly go through 3 times and go on the ticket, if there is one.
  • Guards (they are Guardians) - at least three times, we kill available guards. This is also pretty fast.
  • Cubes and fields - go to the cubes or the Platinum fields and merge tickets. They accumulate up to 10 pieces, so this can not be done every day.
  • Sea and Islands - not only pouring energy into sea activities but also looking at how to get the Souls of the islands. They will come in handy later.
  • The plot and quests - we do what has not been done because the plot has not yet been completed to the end. Important quests have not been closed. We do it when we have time.
  • Atlas - we achieve the location to the desired percentage by all available means.


Of course, it is worth mentioning PVP and the arena. You can go there whenever you want and when you can.

This is how I see the game from level 50. Of course, I forgot, missed, or didn't mention something because there are many things in the game, and it isn't easy to put everything in one short and understandable guide. Therefore, in your opinion, the most important is to write in the comments.


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