Lost Ark: The complete guide to get to level 50 fast!

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We all have different ways of playing, different rhythms, and ways to enjoy the game's content. In Lost Ark, as in many other MMORPGs, rushing the level, that is, leveling up quickly to reach the endgame, has many benefits. 



Starting at level 50, you can complete Chaos Dungeons, Guardian Raids, and Una's Quests for daily rewards. There are also other perks like less populated islands, which will make it easier for you to get their Island Tokens and mine for resources to improve your life skills. It can take you around 12 hours to max level in Lost Ark if you focus on it, a little less or a little more, depending on your choice of class and previous experience.

This Guide is for individuals looking to earn a 50 degree immediately, ignoring supporting written content.





Character Creation

It may be a bit obvious, but if your goal is to level up quickly, you better not take too long to create your character. Of course, we want our character to be perfect, but time is running out! And from experience, we know that we can spend hours customizing it.


Choose Your Class

Upon creating your character, you will be taken to the Trixion, cross the bridge, and interact with the Tome of Prophecy. Choose your subclass and enter the "Class Tester". When you've made up your mind, click "Finish Trial" at the bottom right of the window, finalize your choice of class and begin your adventure. If you don't know the Lost Ark classes yet, this may take some time. It may be good to do some research beforehand to save time in-game. Discover the different Lost Ark classes here.


Skip The Prologue

Skipping the Prologue can save you about 20/30 minutes. In the upper left corner of your window, you will see the button "Skip the prologue" shortly after reaching Trua, Forgotten Land. Don't worry about missing the

Arthetine Engineer's Spectacle Chest {Arthetine Engineer's Spectacle Chest} (appearance) for completing the Prologue. You can get the glasses with a new character and trade them between any class archetype from your shared storage if you leave them inside the chest. Some restrictions regarding the skin once opened:

  • They can only be obtained once per account on the server you are playing on.
  • They can only be exchanged between characters of the same class archetype: Warrior, Martial Artist, Gunner, Mage, Assassin.
  • You cannot exchange the glasses of the male version with female characters and vice versa. This applies to Striker (Male Martial Artist), Gunslinger (Female Gunner), and her gender counterparts.




Getting to 50 in Lost Ark is very easy. Just follow the main quest and don't stop doing any other type of quest you come across on your way. Follow the following walkthrough to get to level 50 quickly:


  1. Rethramis (After saving Prideholme from the demon attack, open the Quests window (J) and in the [Guide] quests accept the quest "About Pets ". A pet will raise the loot. Complete it to get free.)
  2. Judia
  3. Western Lutheran
  4. Eastern Lutheran (Once you're done with Eastern Lutheran and reach the Sea of ​​Gienah, don't continue with your main quest, "In Search of the Arks," as it won't be necessary for now. Instead, follow the world quest that takes you to Tortoyk.)
  5. Tortoyk
  6. Anikka
  7. Arthetine (Important! Before leaving Arthetine and sailing to North Bern, ensure your experience is above level 49 and 545,874 exp. If not, complete a few extra quests in Arthetine until you get there. Otherwise, you are not going to be able to reach level 50.)
  8. North Bern


Here you will reach level 50!



How To Improve Your Progression In Lost Ark?

You can make different points to optimize your leveling in Lost Ark and level up as quickly as you possibly can.


Combat Efficiency

Don't waste time or energy killing monsters one by one. At least at early levels, the best and most efficient form of combat is grouping multiple mobs and killing them with AoEs. Prioritize the number of enemies, and you will level up faster.


Avoid Saturated Channels

Try to stay in uncrowded channels, so you can progress through quests that ask you to kill mobs faster, without wasting time competing with other players for monsters and waiting for them to respawn. You can change channels from the dropdown menu above the minimap.


HP Potions

There are different options to recover your health points. We recommend that you do not use HP Potion{HP Potion}, which heals HP instantly, to level up. These potions will be vital for the endgame, so it's best to save them and instead use the {Apprentice's Healing Potion}, which heals for a set amount of time and is easily obtained by leveling up.


Dungeons in normal mode, solo, and only once

Always enter Dungeons on Normal mode. Avoid Hard way while looking to level up. Normal mode dungeons are much faster to complete and give the same experience as hard mode. Please do not repeat the Dungeons. While you level up, it is not worth doing them more than once to get equipment since you will change equipment quickly.

Do not enter Dungeons in a group. Normal mode is only available solo.


Escape Song

From Tortyok onwards, use the {Escape Song} after completing a dungeon if the quest continues outside of it.


Don't Farm

Killing mobs gives minimal experience, so don't waste your time farming more than necessary. Just kill the monsters you need to complete the quests. You don't need to kill them. You only need to hit the mob once to meet the mission objectives. It will also count towards your quest if you hit monsters that other players are taking out.


Level Up Your Skills

Don't forget to use your skill points to maximize your abilities. This will increase its power and help your progression.


Use Accessories and Combat Items

Don't underestimate accessories. They can be one of many most significant sources of harm you might have during level up. Use them as soon as you can, from level 18.

As you level up, you will also receive Lost Ark items that will help you during combat to progress. Don't hesitate to use offensive combat items when you need to.

The Mantle of Swiftness Icon{Mantle of Swiftness} is instrumental before getting your first mount and inside dungeons to travel long distances quickly. Flame Grenade Icon{Flame Grenade}, Flash Grenade Icon{Flash Grenade}

Clay Grenade Icon{Clay Grenade}, Shock Grenade Icon{Shock Grenade} and Frost Grenade Icon{Frost Grenade} can be used to help defeat the final boss of a dungeon or any monster that has a lot of health.


Life Skills

In Lakebar (Western Lutheran), you will discover life skills. We don't propose spending plenty of time on them while leveling up, as they aren't necessary at this stage. Logging and mining have their benefits initially, as you will get materials for your ships and fortress. Other activities are best left for later.

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