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Diablo3GoldStore buy Game Currency such as Diablo 3 Gold and other game currency from our customeDiablo 3!

From now on, if you have any kind of game currency which you want to change them into Cash, you can choose to sell them.


Why Sell to us?

1. Diablo3GoldStore was founded in 2006. Seven yeaDiablo 3 development deserves your trust.

2. Diablo3GoldStore will offer you the most reasonable price.

3. Diablo3GoldStore will send the payment to you instantly after the trade is finished.

4. Diablo3GoldStore offer 24/7 Online Service and you can talk to us at any time.


If you want to sell your gold to us, please feel free to contact us as following:

Email: [email protected]

Skype: cakelover2006

You can also contact our 24/7 Livechat to sell if no one reponse you from skype or Email!



If you want to sell your game Accounts to Diablo3GoldStore

Click Here to chat with us and get an Offer.


Skype: coolyou666


Please read before you sell your game accounts to us

Before we decide to buy your account whether or not, we will fiDiablo 3t confirm the account information you offered. We will do this by recovering your account using the "Stolen password" feature.We will buy the account from you if everything is ok.

If you plan to scam us after you get paid, we will use the account information to recover the account back. Meanwhile, our customer will also do this, so that there will be three different IP addresses from three different countries attempting to recover the account back at the same time. By our four yeaDiablo 3 experience, it is very likely that your account will be permanently locked or banned. In addition, we will file a Charge-Back on the payment in PayPal.



Here is the procedure:

1. Please click our account customer service online,and talk to them

2. Give them your skill status and valuable items and gold.

3. We will give you a quote on your account.

4. If it is acceptable,you may need to offer some information of the account.

5. We will change the email and pass after confirmed your account is totally ok.

6. We will list your account within 23-48hDiablo 3 on our websites for sale.

7. You will get paid 7 days after your account is sold.Meanwhile,we will inform you by an email.


We look forward to hear from you!

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